Session 6- Breast, chest, trunk & pelvis

Wednesday 16 December, 19:00

19:00 Welcome from the Chairs- Ms R Waters & Mr S Wilson
19:05 Mr Ammar Allouni Hull Drain free Donor site in Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator free flap; A single surgeon experience
19:10 Mr Ardit Begaj Middlesbrough Pre-Covid Free Flap Breast Reconstruction in the UK: Supply and Demand
19:15 Mr Nikolaos Lymperopoulos London DIEP flap breast reconstruction for patients with BMI over 35
19:30 Mr Calum Honeyman Glasgow Psychosocial and Quality of Life Outcomes Following Abdominal Wall Vascularised Composite Allograft Transplant
19:35 Miss Nada Ibrahim Leicester Closing the gap: case series of repair of complex ventral hernias and abdominal wall reconstruction using modified components separation technique.
19:40 Mr Kavan Johal London One-stage abdominoplasty and umbilical hernia repair with the Ventralex Hernia Patch: long-term outcome analysis.
19:55 Ms ZIta Jessop Swansea Gluteal Fat Transplantation: A New Clinical Classification of Gluteal Deformity
20:00 miss emma snashall Prescot 4-year experience perfoming Abdominal Wall Reconstruction in a regional unit: A series of 177 patients
20:05 Miss Leila Touil Liverpool 3 Year Experience with Phasix, A Biologic Polymer Scaffold (Poly-4-hydroxybuturate) in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
20:20 Dr Kathryn E Harborough London IBREX: A prospective audit of Exaflex mesh in immediate, pre-pectoral implant-based breast reconstruction - Phase 1 results.
20:25 Dr Anna Hurley London Pre-operative volume estimation in Transverse Upper Gracilis Flap surgery: a pilot study
20:30 Mr Ashwin Soni London Differences in Truncal Adipose Tissue Distribution According to BMI.
Is the Lumbar Flap Ideal for Breast Reconstruction in Low BMI Patients?
20:45 Mr Samuel Brown Leicester Specialist Surgery in A District General Hospital (DGH): Safe or not? Our experience with Transgender Mastectomies
20:50 Miss Giulia Colavitti Bristol The role of CT staging in immediate autologous breast reconstruction
20:55 Ms Loren Moller Belfast The reconstructive journey: Description of the breast reconstruction pathway in a high-volume UK-based microsurgical centre.
21:10 Dr John O'Donnell Galway, Ireland Optimal reconstructive strategies surrounding radiotherapy for breast cancer patents post mastectomy - A systematic review and network meta-analysis
21:15 Dr Mehreen Masud Qureshi Islamabad, Pakistan Morbidity and patient reported quality of life outcomes: A comparison of unilateral and synchronous bilateral breast reconstruction.
21:20 Miss Jade Zhao East Grinstead Tranexamic acid in free autologous tissue breast reconstruction: A case series of 864 patients.