Session 2- Burns, Skin, Wounds

Thursday 3 December, from 19:00

19:00 Welcome from the Chairs- Mr J Leon Villapalos, Mr N Moiemen, Mr J Wong
19:05 Miss Parvathi Varma Wakefield Streptococcal infections in plastic surgery
19:10 Dr Louis-Philippe Delaugere Grantham Wound pH is an affordable and reliable method to monitor wound healing and improve outcomes.
19:15 Mr Vikram Sinha London A systematic review and meta-analysis of antibiotic prophylaxis in skin graft surgery
19:30 Mr Christopher Lewis Newcastle upon Tyne Biodegradable temporising matrix in acute burn care & reconstruction – The Perth experience
19:35 Ms Katie Hilder Dundee The Wallace Burns Unit Analgesia Protocol for Use in the Enzymatic Debridement of Burns
19:40 Mr Bara El-Khayat Birmingham Burn Care Training for Health workers in North Syria and Idlib Province
19:45 Mr Ian King UK Results if the PLASTA 2020 National Training Survey: Burns specific outcomes
20:00 Mr Oliver Smith London Fat grafting and platelet rich plasma for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers - a feasibility randomised controlled trial
20:05 Mr Grant Nolan London Histological analysis of fat grafting with platelet-rich plasma for diabetic ulcers
20:10 Mr Rick Goodall London Trends in decubitus ulcer disease burden in European Union 15+ countries between 1990-2017
Meeting- BAPRAS Burns Special Interest Group