Podium Presenter Information

Presenters in the Tregonwell Hall and Tregonwell Seminar Room are asked to note the following guidelines from the venue:

Presentations can be delivered in many formats; we support PC/Mac based PowerPoint 2010/2013+ and PDF files. Please note you will not be able to present from a personal computer-  your presentation must be loaded onto the show machines at the venue.

Some general guidelines are:
• All presentations should be created in a 16:9 ratio. Whilst this is not imperative this format will make the best use of the display spaces being used at the BAPRAS conference in Bournemouth and will ensure that all your content is displayed in the way that it was intended.
• Internet connections are not included as standard. No content within your presentation should be reliant on a connection to the internet. Videos should be embedded within the presentation.
• Ensure you make our slide preview team aware of any sound requirements you have within your presentation.
• Please bring your presentation to our slide preview team on the morning of the day you are presenting and at least two hours before you are due to present. Clearly reference: the speaker name, subject and any further details to aid distinguishing your presentation from others. For example: 11:35 James Smith Presentation.pptx
• We can accept presentations on the following formats: USB Flash drives. We cannot accept presentations on the following formats: DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, the internet.
• Ensure any photographs used within your presentation are correctly sized before importing to your presentation to prevent un-necessarily large presentation files.
• Please ensure non-standard Windows fonts are embedded or forwarded with the presentation. If you are using video/audio ensure all files are forwarded with the presentation, on the morning of the day that you are presenting and at least two hours before you are due to present to allow for compatibility tests.
• Although our machines are equipped with many of the latest CODECS (these encode and decode videos) there are hundreds in circulation, so even if the video plays on one PC it is not a guarantee that it will play on another. Early submission of your materials will ensure we have the opportunity to test multimedia files on our systems and resolve any issues there may be.
• PowerPoint supports the following multimedia file formats; WMV, AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, and WMA.
• Please make your event organiser aware of any specific software you require for your presentation, so that we can resolve any issues ASAP. Presentations will normally be controlled by your BH Live AV Technician at their control position. Speakers will use a Radio Cue Light System to advance their presentation. 
• You are advised to send your presentation in advance of the conference- email presentations to Chris Sampson- chris.sampson@bhlive.org.uk