Abstract Submissions

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Abstract Guidance
Your abstract title must not exceed 200 characters (including spaces) and your abstract must not exceed 1500 (excluding spaces). Please use sentence case, not block capitals.

You may include a table with your text, but graphs or other graphic elements will not be accepted, and should not be included in the abstract.

It is recommended the following headings be used when submitting abstracts:
•  Aims
•  Method
•  Results
•  Conclusions

An introduction should not be included unless essential.

If this is a 'case report' or 'point of technique' please state this in the title. Remember if it falls into this category, it may be better submitted as a poster.

Terms and conditions

The Programme Committee reserves the right to transfer any abstract to an alternative session if it considers this to be more appropriate.  

Copyright is assumed by BAPRAS for publication of the abstracts on their website. Whilst this does not preclude publication of the results in the form of a paper elsewhere, it is hoped that the authors will submit their work to the JPRAS for future publication when appropriate.

An electronic acknowledgement will be sent automatically on submission of your abstract. 

 If you do not receive this within a few hours of submitting the abstract, please check your junk mail. You can also view your successfully submitted abstracts via your online profile - go to bapras.meeting.org.uk/profile to view.

If you have any queries, please telephone the Secretariat on +44 (0)20 7831 5161 or email secretariat@bapras.org.uk.

Papers submitted incorrectly will NOT be considered. Papers withdrawn or not selected will not be automatically considered for the next Scientific Meeting, but may be resubmitted.

All correspondence regarding an abstract will be with the designated presenting author of the paper/poster indicated on the form. It is a requirement that all listed authors have agreed the final content of any submitted abstract.