The full programme including faculty biographies and speaker and poster abstracts is available here

 Saturday 30th March 2019
09:00   Registration and refreshments    Parallel session 
   Session 1    
 09:45  Welcome and introduction to Plastic Surgery
 Mr Dean Boyce    Surgical Skills Session 1  
 10:00  The place of Plastic Surgery in surgical history
 Mr Roger Green  
 (10:00 - 11:20)
 10:20  Reconstructive Surgery Trials Network (RSTN)
 Mr Luke Geoghegan
 10:40   Trauma surgery
 Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy
 11:00  Skin cancer
 Mr Barry Powell
 11:20  Refreshments     
   Session 2     
 11:40  Life in Plastic Surgery – myths and reality  
 Mr Mark Henley 
 Surgical Skills Session 2
 12:00  Burns surgery
 Mr Ivo Gwanmesia
 (11:40 to 13:10)
 12:20  Breast surgery 
 Mr Ivo Gwanmesia
 12:40  Aesthetic surgery
 Mr Mark Henley 
 13:00  The role of e-learning in plastic surgery
 Mr Stephen Gibbons 
 13:10  Lunch and poster presentations   
   Session 3    Surgical Skills session 3
 14:00  Hand surgery
 Mr Dean Boyce 
 (14:00 to 15:10)
 14:20  Lower limb surgery 
 Mr Ed Fitzgerald O’Connor 
 14:40  Elective presentation 
 Mr Akhilesh Pradhan
 14:50  Elective presentation 
 Mr Max Prokopenko
 14:55  Elective presentation 
 Ms Somy Charuvila
 15:00  Elective panel discussion 
 All Elective presenters 
 15:00  Refreshments
   Session 4    Surgical Skills session 4
 15:30  Cleft surgery 
 Miss Norma Timoney
 (15:30 to 16:50)
 15:50  Research in Plastic Surgery, a practical guide 
 Mr James Paget
 16:10  Plastic Surgery overseas
 Ms Barbara Jemec
 16:30  PLASTA
 Mr Dimitris Reissis 
 16:50  Prizes Awarded – Surgical skills prize and best poster prize
 17:00  Close    

CME points: 5.5 points