BAPRAS responds to newly commissioned Channel 4 TV Show - 'Surjury'

1st February 2019


Responding to news today about a newly commissioned Channel 4 television show titled “The Surjury”, which will see young people put in front of a panel who will vote on whether they should undergo cosmetic surgery, British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) President, Mark Henley, said:

  • “We are extremely concerned about the message this programme portrays and its particular focus on young people. Based on the promotional material alone, we believe the show will trivialise the serious decision all should take when considering aesthetic procedures. It is disappointing that, in 2019, we are still having to remind large broadcasters of the potential harm caused by glamorising cosmetic surgery – particularly when targeting young adults or those with self-esteem issues.There is every chance that a show like “Surjury” – which asks young people to ‘pitch’ their ‘dream’ surgery to a panel - will encourage viewers to rush into personal decisions about cosmetic procedures without considering all outcomes and risks, or taking the time to ensure they visit a reputable surgeon." 

This is particularly a concern given the frequency with which BAPRAS surgeons are having to perform complicated reconstructive procedures on individuals who have received “botched surgery” both at home or abroad. 


BAPRAS research from 2015 found that, worryingly, more than half (59%) of patients undertaking surgery less than two weeks after their first consultation are actually less confident about their appearance afterwards. Anyone hoping that a cosmetic procedure will improve confidence or mental health should have extensive discussions with a medical professional before rushing into surgery.

For further advise on what to consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery, visit BAPRAS’ Think Over Before You Makeover guidance.


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