Our Associated Charities


Originally formed as BAPRAS' Overseas Service and Training Committee, BFIRST was launched in 2014 as a stand-alone charity, to support projects across the developing world to train surgeons and staff in their local environment to an independent level in reconstructive surgery, enabling patients to be treated appropriately and sustainably within their communities. Visit the BFIRST website

Scar Free Foundation logoBAPRAS (formerly as the British Association of Plastic Surgeons) helped establish The Healing Foundation in 1999 as a charitable organisation and it remains on the Board of Trustees.

In 2016, the Healing Foundation became the Scar Free Foundation. The foundation has a large research focus that is multidisciplinary but that covers areas of patient health that relate to plastic surgery: Scarless healing, tissue regeneration, stem cells, psychological well being and patient information. For more information visit their website