Hands-on microsurgery course

Date: 20 - 24 November 2023 

Location: Jinnah Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Centre, Alama Iqbal University, Lahore, Pakistan


Event information:

An instructive course based on lectures, hands-on training and live clinics as well as live surgery for those wishing ti train in micro-vascular surgery


Day 1:

0800: Registration

0900: welcome address: Professor Kamran Khalid, Director of JBRSC

0910: Aims of the course: Professor Moazzam N Tarar, founder of JBRSC

0920 Themes for this year: Mr Umraz Khan, Director of the course



0930: Basics of microsurgery: Ahmed Emam

0945: Requisites for success: Rod Dunn

1000: History of microsurgery in Pakistan: Mamoon Rashid

1030: New horizons for tissue transfer: Luigi Troisi

1045: Questions & discussions



1130: classifying congenital hand defects: Professor Shehab Beg

1145: Genetics of hand defects: Professor Tehseem Cheema

1200: principles of surgical planning: Mr Rod Dunn

1220: Toe-to-hand transfer. Indications and limitations: Mr Rod Dunn

1240: Questions & discussions



1400: Breast cancer presentation breast reconstruction in Pakistan: Dr Huma

1420: Local flaps in breast reconstruction: Dr Farooq Rana

1440: Abdominal flaps in breast reconstruction. Tuabin Rashid

1500: Lymphatic transfer during breast reconstruction: Michele Marrucci

1515: Questions and discussion


LIVE CLINIC 1520-1800


Day 2:

0800: Registration

0900: hands-on groups divided

0910: Basics of microscope setup: Mr U Khan

0925: Video on instrument handing: Ahmed Bhatti

0940: Demonstration of suturing etiquette: Hisham Taha

0950-1030. practice suturing on latex gloves

1030: Video on chicken thigh: U Khan 

1045: Demonstration on chicken thigh: Ahmed Emam

1100-1300: Practice on chicken thighs nerve and end-to-end


1400-1600 Second group practice on chicken thigh


LIVE SURGERY-2 cases (hand and breast)


Day 3:

0800: Registration

0900: Hands-on. Day 2

0900: video of microsurgery interposition vein graft and end-to-side

0915: demonstration of interposition vein graft and end-to-side; Luigi Troisi

1000-1200: Practice on chicken thighs vein graft and end-to-side anastomosis


1300-1500 Practice on chicken thighs vein graft and end-to-side anastomosis


1500-1600 further practice


LIVE SURGERY- 2 cases Head & neck and breast


Day 4. Live surgery. Hand & lower limb


Day 4. Symposium on head and neck cancer (Kamran/ Omar please provide)


Day 5. Live surgery. Breast, head & neck


Target audience:

Senior trainees and established consultants


Fees: Trainees: £30; consultant : £43 for hands-on: £100


Further information: microsurgery@jbrsc-aimc.edu.pk