Hypospadias & Genito-urethral

The aim of this group is to promote inter-unit communication – sharing techniques, problem solving, improving training and comparing outcomes, possible leading to a national audit and improved patient experience.

Following the meeting of our group in Dublin on the 28th November 2013, it was felt that we needed to disseminate more information to patients, specialist registrars and colleagues to create networks of care around the UK and so help to maintain high standards for this sub-speciality of plastic surgery. 

The group chairs have listed the hospitals and surgeons who offer hypospadias surgery and training around the UK as follows. We will update this list further as we receive more information:

Ms M Daruwalla- Stevenage
Mr M Dalal - Preston
Mr D N Mackenzie - Plymouth
Mr D Coleman - Oxford
Mr A K Ray - Glasgow
Mr L Kangesu - Chelmsford
Mr R S Uppal - Wexham Park
Mr S Wharton - Dudley
Mr N V Kang - Royal free
Mr G Spyrou - Wakefield
Mr M J Timmons - Bradford
Mr M M Shibu - Barts and London
Mr H Siddiqui - Middlesborough
Mr C Ramanathan - Middlesborough
Mr N A Wilson-Jones - Swansea
Mr S Ghosh - Aylesbury
Mr H Lewis - Belfast
Mr G Thorburn - Chelmsford
Mr P Morris - Chelmsford
Mr A Park - Coventry
Dr O Osmani - Coventry
Mr J Palmar - Exeter
Mr C Mills - Exeter
Mr M Hough - Dundee
Mr J J Clibbon - Norwich


Nick Wilson-Jones