The Burns SIG aims to provide a forum of collaboration and experience-sharing for all members of BAPRAS interested in this unique  Subspecialty that triggered the development of Plastic Surgery in the UK many decades ago.

The SIG attempts to establish links with as many forums of Burns opinion as possible.  Collaboration with organisations such as the British Burn Association, and the different Burns Operational delivery networks and Trauma Networks will hopefully allow the Burns SIG  to have a unique and collegiate voice that is able to respond to the challenges of patient concerns, Burns prevention, awareness and best practice. This spirit of collaboration will allow the production of clear evidence-based recommendations to provide clarity in issues such as fireworks, chemical and irritant burns first aid, and best practice in case of a major Burns incident taking into consideration already advanced work in this field with important documents about to see the light in the very near future.

Members of BAPRAS of any level of training  wishing to know more about Burns as a subspecialty will find a wealth of information via the Burns SIG, from training pathways in the early stages of a plastic surgery rotation, to how best take advantage of a Burns fellowship prior to a plastic surgery consultant post with Burns responsibilities at centre, unit or facility level.


Jorge Leon-Villapalos