Terms of Reference

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh- Sushruta-Guha Professorship Award Committee

Terms of Reference

The Sushruta-Guha Professorship Award Committee has been established to manage the funds donated by Professor Somes C Guha, for the purpose of supporting the Sushruta-Guha Professorship in Plastic Surgery and Wound Healing and the delivery of the Sushruta-Guha lecture by the successful candidate at the BAPRAS annual summer meeting. 

Ultimate responsibility for the management of these funds rests with RCSEd College Council. The Sushruta-Guha Award Committee acts on behalf of Council to ensure the effective governance and administration of these funds. 

The Committee has been established to manage the funds donated by Professor Somes C Guha, in order to support the Sushruta-Guha Professorship in perpetuity. 

The Committee will be responsible for
1. Managing the process of identifying, on an annual basis, the recipient of the Susruta-Guha Professorship in Plastic Surgery and Wound Healing.
2. Awarding an honorarium of $1,500 USD (or other amount so agreed by the Committee), per annum, to the recipient of the Professorship from the revenue generated through the long term prudent investment by the College of the funds donated by Somes C Guha (the Principle Fund).
3. Awarding, on an annual basis, travel expenses to the recipient of the Professorship up to the value of $2,000 USD from funds donated by Professor Somes C Guha, or his estate, on an annual basis. 
4. Ensuring the appropriate financial management and oversight of the donated funds in accordance with the College’s principles of good financial governance.
5. Receiving and scrutinising reports from the College in respect of the funds held in relation to the Susruta-Guha Professorship.
6. Reporting, as required, on the Professorship and the use of the funds and how they have been dispensed. 

Membership/Composition of the Committee
• Somes Guha - Chair
• BAPRAS President – ex-officio
• Surgical Specialty Group Chair in Plastics (currently Mr Kevin Hancock –
• Chairman of BAPRAS Education Committee – ex-officio
• A holder of the Professorship Award from the list of past recipients (usually 1 year)

All non-ex-officio members will be appointed to the Committee by the College. 

The Committee will be supported by the College’s administrative staff as required. This will include the provision of reports on the financial status of the funds which will, at a minimum, be provided each January.  

Terms of appointment to the Committee
The tenure of the appointment to the Committee is for three years. The term of appointment can be extended for a period of one year, on an annual basis, up to a total of six years.  If, for any reason, a member feels unable to continue to serve on the Committee they may tender their resignation at any time and a replacement member would be appointed by the College as soon as possible. 

Frequency of meetings
The Committee will meet as required, either face-to-face or virtually, but no less than once per annum. The Committee shall be considered to be quorate if three members are present

Committee Guidance Notes

The Sushruta Guha Professorship has been established to recognise a distinguished scholar in Plastic Surgery and Wound Healing. The scholastic work is to be presented at a summer meeting of the BAPRAS. In Sushrutan spirit, the awardee’s lifetime contribution should reflect some of the attributes as described below through original research, practice, leadership and publication in peer reviewed forums. The award is open globally.

The Candidate should reflect several of the following criteria:
• Scholarship: through original research and publication. A broad based cross pollination of scientific foundation of the concept and its applications from all complimentary disciplines should be fostered.
• Leadership: to promote the art and science of Plastic Surgery and Wound Healing worldwide.
• Stewardship: teaching and training the next generation of young surgeons and scientists.
• Humanitarian work: a selfless service extended to the underprivileged should be recognised. The committee may consider any worthy initiative e.g. Plastic surgical rehabilitation, raising social awareness and related education, help frame preventive laws in this field of their respective countries etc. Sensitivity and respect to accepted Medical ethics is encouraged.

Award Process
• The Committee correspond to agree a suitable candidate globally for consideration.
• If there are no suitable candidates for the current cycle then the funds would be carried forward to the next year.
• The Committee should correspond no later than 31 January of the year the award is to be made, to decide whether a Professorship shall be awarded and to whom.
• Candidates should be informed at least three months prior to the summer meeting of the BAPRAS.

Successful applicant will be recognised as:
•  The courtesy title of “The Sushruta Guha Professor of Plastic Surgery and Wound Healing, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh”, will be for the duration of the year in which their lecture is delivered. 
The successful applicant will receive an honorarium of $1,500 and up to a maximum of $2,000 towards any expenses incurred in travelling to a BAPRAS conference to give the lecture.