European Tissue Repair Society Annual Meeting

11-13 September 2019

Isarforum, Munich, Germany

Event description

The conference aims to showcase the most cutting edge clinical developments and basic findings on mechanisms that lead to tissue repair, wound healing, and regeneration.  The importance of proper wound healing becomes evident when our body’s repair mechanism fails, leading to either non-healing (chronic wounds), or excessive repair (fibrosis).  Impaired wound healing is a tremendous burden for patients and global healthcare systems, and is expected to further increase with longevity.  Knowledge of the fundamental repair processes is critical to control, restore and preserve the functions of injured adult tissues and organs.

The ETRS has secured a line-up of outstanding scientists from various disciplines that include stem cell biology, developmental biology, regenerative medicine, and immunology, in order to share their most recent findings from molecular and cellular to whole organism.

Meeting includes a pre-conference workshop on 10 September at the Helmholz Insititute. 

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