Advanced Hand and Wrist Cadaveric Dissection Course

11-12 June 2020

The Shard and Guy's Hospital, London

Senior trainees and junior consultants in plastics and orthopaedics

Event description

Faculty : participant ratio is 1:2 with practical sessions using fresh frozen upper limbs. 

You will have the opportunity to perform all the operations yourselves with faculty guidance. 

Topics to be covered: Nerve Decompression: ulnar, median/AIN, radial/PIN , AIN to ulnar nerve transfer, Tendon transfers for median, ulnar and radial nerve palsy, Approaches to the wrist, Scaphoid fixation, bone grafting, Scapholunate ligament reconstruction, PRC, scaphoidectomy 4 corner fusion, MCPJ realignment and replacement, Correction of swan neck and Boutonniè€re deformities, IPJ fusions and arthroplasty, Extensor tendon reconstruction and transfers, Trapeziectomy, 1st CMCJ arthroplasty, Upper limb flap reconstruction.

Further information
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