Session 4- Head & Neck and Face

Thursday 10 December, 19:40

The following papers will be presented in this session:

18:40 BAPRAS Special Interest Group meeting- Head and Neck
19:20 Welcome from the Chairs- Ms K Tzafetta & Mr P Matteucci
19:25 Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Leicester Freestyle local facial perforator flaps for reconstruction of facial defects
19:30 Miss Alexandra Khoury East Grinstead Fibonacci-sequence spiral or ‘Snail’ flaps for scalp defects
19:35 Dr Angelos Mantelakis London Use of novel decellularised cadaveric dermis (DCELL) in single-stage resection and reconstruction of non-melanomatous skin cancer of the head and neck
19:40 Questions
19:50 Mr Thomas Jovic Swansea Hyaluronic acid: Nanocellulose composite bioinks for 3D bioprinting facial cartilage
19:55 Mr Thomas Jovic Swansea Using 3D Printing Technology to Teach Cartilage Framework Carving for Ear Reconstruction
20:00 Dr Mehreen Masud Qureshi Islamabad , Pakistan Critique of the Cordeiro classification and its ability to predict a reconstructive solution for maxillary defects.
20:05 Questions
20:15 Dr Marco Paternostro Genova Minimally-Invasive Migraine Surgery: Our Ten-Year Experience
20:20 Mr David Thomson East Grinstead Surgical Management of Trigeminal Neuropathies
20:25 Miss Rong Khaw Liverpool Management of Deep Margin Involvement and or Perineural Invasion in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Head and Neck (cHNSCC) in a Single Unit.
20:30 Questions
20:40 Miss Christie Brennan Hull Immediate lengthening temporalis myoplasty for facial palsy reconstruction following facial nerve inclusive total parotidectomy
20:45 Dr. Rui Lopes Chelmsford Patient-rated, photogrammetric, and peer-reviewed outcomes following two-stage free gracilis muscle transfer for dynamic midface reanimation
20:50 Mr Nigel Mabvuure Chelmsford Patient-rated and photogrammetric outcomes following anterior belly of digastric muscle transfer for dynamic lower lip reanimation
20:55 Questions
21:05 Mr. Ruben Yap Kannan East Grinstead Acute vs Late Extracranial Facial Nerve Branch(s) Repair
21:10 Dr Declan Murphy Newcastle Upon Tyne The centrality of emotional and quality of life outcomes in the public perception of face transplantation
21:15 Questions
21:20 BAPRAS Special Interest Group meeting- facial palsy