Programme - 21-22 March Lectures

The online interactive programme can be viewed here 

 AEC Skin Oncology 
 Melanoma Day One - Thursday 21st March 2019
 08:00  Registration and Coffee   
 08:30  Welcome  Mr Dean Boyce 
  Session 1- Stage 1 and 2 melanoma
Chair: Professor M Moncrieff
 08:45  Dermoscopy of pigmented lesions          

Mr O Cassell

 09:15  Excision margins                                            
 Mr A Hayes
 09:45  SNB and MSLT1                                              
 Dr M Faries
 10:15  Panel discussion
 11:00  Coffee and Trade Exhibitions
   Session 2- Stage 3 melanoma: How I do it
Breakout sessions 
Chair: Ms S Hemington-Gorse

 11:30  Neck Dissection                                              
 Mr M Ragbir
 11:54   Ilioinguinal Dissection                                    
 Professor M Moncrieff
 12:18  Axillary Dissection                                         
 Mr R Karoo
 12:42  SNB   
 Mr R Pritchard-Jones
 13:06  Lymphadenectomy and MSLT2                     
 Dr M Faries
 13:30  Lunch and Trade Exhibitions
   Session 3 – Stage 4 melanoma
Chair: Mr T Bragg
 14:15  Surgery for stage 4 disease                           
 Dr M Faries
 14:45  Regional Chemotherapy                                
 Mr A Hayes
 15:15  Systemic Therapy                                           
 Prof J Wagstaff
 15:45  Intransit mets and management                   
 Mr H Peach
 16:15  Complex cases - my management                
 17:15  Close  

 Sarcoma and NMSC Day Two – Friday 22nd March 2019
 07:50  Registration and Coffee
   Session 1 – NMSC
Chair: Ms S Hemington-Gorse 
 08:15  Pathology of BCC/SCC for surgeons
Professor M Moncrieff 
 08:30  Update on non-surgical management

Dr A Rembielak

 09:00  Mohs surgery
 Mr H Tehrani
 09:30  Complex facial skin cancers & recon
 Panel discussion
(RK, MM, TH, AR)
 10:30  Coffee and Trade Exhibitions
    Session 2- Sarcomas and their treatment
Chair: Mr M Henley 
 11:00  Welcome and overview
 Mr T Bragg
 11:15  Sarcoma for the FRCS plast
 Mr T Bragg
 11:45  Radiology for Sarcoma
 Dr S Dalavaye
 12:15   Sarcoma histopathology and genetics
 Dr S Dojcinov
 12:25  Lunch and Trade Exhibitions
 13:15  Sarcoma surgery; approaches
 Mr H Giele
 13:35  Adjuvant treatment of sarcoma
 Professor J Whelan
 14:05  Bone oncology and reconstruction
 Mr M Parry
 14:30  Panel Q&A
 15:00  Coffee and Trade Exhibition
   Breakout sessions
   Breakout sessions 1-4 (Rolling 30mins each)
 15:30-17:30  1. Challenging Cases:  Soft Tissue Reconstruction
 Mr H Giele
   2. Challenging Cases:  Bone Reconstruction
 Mr M Parry
   3. Mock MDT: What would you do?
 Mr T Bragg, Dr S Dojcinov
   4. What lump? What test?
 Dr S Dalavaye, Professor J Whelan
   5. Dermoscopy 
 Mr J Bowling, Mr O Cassell
   6. Mock skin MDT: what would you do?
 17:30  Close  

CME points: 

Day 1: 7 points 
Day 2: 7.5 points 
Whole meeting: 14.5 points