Programme - 20 March Cadaveric Training day

The online interactive programme can viewed here

 Cadaveric Day- Wednesday 20th March 2019
 08:00  Registration and Coffee  
 08:45  Welcome: Mr M Henley 
   Session 1 - Nose and Ear Chair: Mr H Tehrani/ Mr J Morton
 09:00 Bilobed Flap Mr H Tehrani
09:25 Paramedian Forehead Flap
Mr M Moncrieff 
10:00 2 Stage Nasolabial Flap Mr J Morton 
10:40  Antia-Buch  Mr J Morton 
11:05  Coffee and Trade Exhibitions
   Session 2 - Cheek, Lip, Scalp
 Chair: Professor M Moncrieff
11:30  V-Y Flap   Mr J Morton
11:55 Hatchet Flap
Mr J Morton 
12:15  Mustarde Cheek Rotation Flap  Mr M Moncrieff  
12:40  Cervicofacial Flap  Mr M Moncrieff 
13:05  Transposition Flap  Mr M Moncrieff 
13:30  Lunch and Trade Exhibitions
   Session 3 - Eyelid  Chair: Mr J Morton
14:15  Scalp Rotation Flaps   Mr M Moncrieff
14:45  Eye Wedge/Cantholysis/Tenzel  Mr J Morton
15:15  Hughes Flap  Mr J Morton 
15:45 Free Tarsal Graft Harvest  Mr J Morton 
16:00 Myocutaneous Advancement
Mr J Morton 
16:30 Orbicularis Oculi Flap  Mr J Morton 
17:00 Trapdoor Flap  Mr J Morton 
17:30  Close   

CME: 8 points