Response to French Authorities statement on PIP breast implant removal
A statement from BAPRAS in response to French Authorities statement on PIP implants
23rd December 2011

Further to this morning's announcements by the French Authorities that they will fund removal of PIP breast implants as a precautionary measure, BAPRAS is reassured that no evidence to suggest there is a link between these implants and cancer has been found. 

However, we are concerned that the French Authorities believe that the slightly increased chance of rupture and potential risk of irritation from the silicone gel used in PIP implants is a reason for removal of the implants, regardless of their state of deterioration.  We will continue to liaise with the Department of Health and MHRA about their response to this.

In the meantime, the French decision will have heightened anxiety for some women with PIP implants.  We reiterate that urgent action is not required as women are not at immediate risk but do recommend they consult a competent, responsible plastic surgeon with any concerns.  Ideally they should return to their original implanting clinic, but if that is not possible they may choose to consult one of our members.  All BAPRAS members are fully registered plastic surgeons holding the highest qualifications in their field and able to offer objective advice on individual circumstances. 

If any women with breast implants have noticed a change in their breast (such as the appearance of a lump, pain or hardness) they should, as always, seek advice from their surgeon.

BAPRAS members are detailed on here 

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For more information please contact Amanda Powell-Smith on 07711 444 549 or Melissa Fife on 07894 310 551

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