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"Rise of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism threatens patient safety and burdens NHS", warns BAPRAS, the plastic surgeonsí association
Research published today by The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) found that during 2007 almost a quarter of its membership (23%) had to treat patients within in NHS with complications related to cosmetic surgery performed outside of the UK. read whole article
BAPRAS announces UK-wide audit to determine impact of cosmetic tourism on the NHS
"Patients are increasingly travelling to other countries lured by the promise of reduced cost, increased ease of accessibility and reduced waiting times but this places pressure on already overstretched plastic surgery, accident and emergency and general surgical units in the NHS." read whole article
Pioneering World War II plastic surgery drawings to be exhibited for the first time
On 18 November 2008, an exhibition at the Camberwell Art College opens showcasing 2,500 recently uncovered drawings of artist Dickie Orpen. read whole article
BAPRAS warns patients they will not get the continuity of care they need if the go abroad to have a cosmetic procedure
A paper published in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, highlights that NHS resources are being used to treat patients who have gone aboard for cosmetic surgery because of deficiencies in post-operative care. read whole article
Talking to a surgeon before picking a cosmetic procedure leads to a more successful result
A recent survey of BAPRAS members showed that surgeons were willing to advise patients against surgery when there are unrealistic expectations, or if there are concerns about the patientís motivation for having surgery. read whole article
Plastic surgeonsí association says that teenagers should only have cosmetic surgery in exceptional cases
"While it is normal for teenagers to worry about their looks it should never be commonplace for young people to have or consider cosmetic surgery." read whole article
BAPRAS joins Which? in fight against laser de-regulation
BAPRAS today joined Which? and other patient and professional organisations in opposing government plans to stop regulating cosmetic laser treatments from 1 October. read whole article
Plastic Surgeons warn of bank holiday DIY dangers
BAPRAS is urging the public to be careful when doing DIY this bank holiday in case they end the weekend minus a finger. read whole article
BAPRASí response to the decision to restrict access for some plastic surgery in Wales
The commissioners of Plastic Surgery in Wales (Health Commission Wales) announced this week further restrictions to some plastic surgery procedures which require patients to have a body mass index within the normal range (18-25). read whole article
Statement in response to £6,000 cosmetic surgery prize in Europa International lottery
"In the normal scheme of things, patients would meet with a surgeon first to establish his or her credentials and that of the hospital where the procedure will take place before committing to anything. Patients should be given information not inducements when considering cosmetic surgery." read whole article
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